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The previous articles in this series have emphasised the importance of combining experience with formal education in order to develop your professional practice. The warning came after two children from Sussex needed hospital treatment for infected tattoos. The series has explored ways of making the best use of your time, different types of degrees, role models and portfolios, and the previous two articles examined application forms and interviews. To complicate matters I was asked to ensure that our guideline was the same as our partner cancer unit. Her sister had died, but staff were aware that Mary still carried this living will on her person. Flushing CVADs: heparin or sodium chloride 0.9%? Q1 (green) comprises the quarter of the journals with the highest values, Q2 (yellow) the second highest values, Q3 (orange) the third highest values and Q4 (red) the lowest values. The article then considers how the restricted access to health care impacts on the health of refused asylum seekers and how this relates to international law. Norah asked her daughter to help her end her life. Whether NHS commissioners and politicians will engage with nurses and others in the reconfigured NHS to achieve this, however, remains to be seen. However, the three nursing assistants on duty did not agree that the film should be shown as it contained sexually explicit scenes which they thought might upset the patients and cause difficulties in relation to patient management. She was admitted to hospital and was off work for several weeks. Nurse tutor who leaked examination answers to students, Legal aspects of consent. Tradition seems to be in favour of removing IDCs at 0600 hours despite a lack of evidence to support this practice. Unlabelled: Richard Griffith argues that the public health risk to children from the use of unsterile home tattooing equipment can be countered by repealing the law prohibiting the tattooing of minors so that they can be protected, as adults are, by a regulated and licensed tattoo industry. Data Source: Scopus®, Metrics based on Scopus® data as of April 2020. British Journal of Nursing has established a first-class reputation as being the choice for nurses who wish to keep fully abreast of all the latest developments in clinical and practice-based nursing. This article seeks to review the progress in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers over the last 10 years under the headings of attitudes, politics, research and best practice. Case 17: Respecting the dignity of patients. A prospective clinical trial was conducted to determine the impact midnight removal of urinary catheters would have on the patients' voiding pattern, and subsequent discharge from hospital. A young doctor told the nurse that he had spoken to Ben's son and it was agreed that in the event of a cardiac arrest Ben should not be resuscitated. Children: proceedings for care or supervision orders, Confidentiality. Her condition is deteriorating and Bob, a close friend of her family, has offered to donate her a kidney. No impact factor infomation for this journal. British Journal of Community Nursing. The set of journals have been ranked according to their SJR and divided into four equal groups, four quartiles. Law series: 13. Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics, 2020) 5-Year Impact Factor: 2.337 ℹ Five-Year Impact Factor: 2019: 2.337 Email(will not be published) The increase in the prevalence of long-term conditions (LTCs) represents a growing challenge to healthcare systems worldwide, with LTCs now accounting for more than half of the global disease burden. Law series: 11. 19: Research/mentally competent adult, Impressions from the conference in Paris 1907: BJN over 100 years ago. Statutory duties under the Occupiers' Liability Act 1957, Occupiers' Liability Acts 1957 and 1984: children and trespassers, Time to repeal the Tattooing of Minors Act 1969, Statutory provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Section 5(4) of the Mental Health Act 1983: the art of applying the Act, The relevance of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 to health care, The impact of the NHS (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations (1989), An audit of nurses' views on DNR decisions in 1989 and 2003, Poverty: a challenge for nursing in the 1990s, Nursing in Europe: what 1992 has to offer, Review of advances in pressure ulcer management since 1992, Nurses face a fragmented health service in 1993, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, British journal of nursing (Mark Allen Publishing), BJN, Journal / Magazine / Newspaper, Internet Resource. Clinical audit systems. This pilot search indicates that hand searching of paper copies still represents the "gold standard", in terms of identifying relevant material and interesting context data, not necessarily found when feeding specific search terms into a computer. British Journal of Nutrition is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original papers and review articles across the full spectrum of nutritional science. The chart shows the ratio of a journal's documents signed by researchers from more than one country; that is including more than one country address. We are in the process of preparing for peer review as a unified centre; hence the need for one guideline. Violet was a practice nurse and was on duty in a GP health centre when a child who was accompanying his mother wandered unnoticed into the cleaner's room, opened a cupboard door and started drinking from a bottle of bleach. Some years later she began to suffer from the early signs of Alzheimer's disease. Part 11: CVs and letters of application, Legal aspects of consent 11: compulsory Caesarean sections, Clinical supervision: From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Part 11: Evaluation, Legal aspects of consent 13: organ donation from live donors, Confidentiality. She sought a declaration that no doctor or other professional person employed by the health authority might give any contraceptive or abortion advice or treatment to any of her children below the age of 16 without her previous knowledge and consent. The views of nursing staff in 1989 and 2003 were compared, focusing on what factors they thought were important in coming to a DNR decision and any implications it had for other treatment. Patients who had their catheters removed at midnight passed a greater volume of urine with both their first (268 ml compared with 177 ml; P<0.0001) and second voids (322 ml compared with 195 ml; P<0.0001) than their counterparts in the 0600 group. I work in a principle treatment centre for children’s cancer that is part of a virtual unit with an adolescent and young people’s cancer centre. This article aims to provide an introduction to poverty in the UK today for all nurses, midwives and health visitors. We believe that the nurse's role has become increasingly demanding, which is why we have made some important updates to the journal. Professional misconduct case studies. For topics on particular articles, maintain the dialogue through the usual channels with your editor. Journal IFs, although controversial because of the uses to which they have been put in academic arenas, remain a metric about which nurses should be informed. 2 year Impact factor: 3.023, 5 year Impact Factor: 4.372 Journal Citation Reports Ranking 2019: 60/152 in Business Journal Citation Reports Ranking 2019: 88/226 in Management Australian Deans Business Council Grade 2019: A CABS Academic Journal Guide Rating 2018: 4 Long-term conditions are illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, heart failure, dementia, schizophrenia, rheumatoid arthritis, COPD, asthma, multiple sclerosis and motor neurone diseases. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) produces evidence-based guidelines and advice for health care, public health and social care practitioners (NICE, 2014a). What is the law? The previous articles in this series have focused primarily on support and supervision at a ward or unit level, and have examined the practicalities of mentorship, clinical supervision, giving feedback, dealing with conflict and a number of other strategies. A 16-year-old girl under local authority care was suffering from anorexia nervosa. ISSN: 1462-4753 (Print) 1462-4753 (Linking) Impact Factor. Part 11: Financing your development. Case Scenario: Miss MB required a Caesarean section in order to save her fetus. Journal Self-citation is defined as the number of citation from a journal citing article to articles published by the same journal. The Journal of Neuroscience Nursing (JNN), the official journal of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses, contains original articles on advances in neurosurgical and neurological techniques as they affect nursing care, theory and research, as well as commentary on the roles of the neuroscience nurse in the health care team. Case 14: Breach of trust. He was admitted to hospital in an emergency for an appendectomy. Ben, aged 75 years, was extremely depressed following the death of his wife. The current resurgence of TB in the UK makes it imperative to achieve consistently and appropriately-funded TB services across the country. Legal aspects of consent 17: not for resuscitation instruction, Professional misconduct case studies. ... Journal of Nursing & Healthcare is an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal publishes high quality manuscripts on innovative research covering all aspects of Nursing and Healthcare. They decided upon a cremation. She is anxious to obtain compensation and seeks legal advice. British Library. The administrator replied that the treatment prescribed by a doctor is a matter for the doctor's clinical judgement, taking into account all the factors of the case. On one visit she noticed that the child's mother, Jane, appeared to be very pale and thin and was told that the mother had a severe gastric disorder with diarrhoea. The chart shows the evolution of the average number of times documents published in a journal in the past two, three and four years have been cited in the current year. Jenny was concerned that Jane could have a serious notifiable infectious disease and therefore be a danger to customers in the restaurant. What is the law? She was visiting one elderly person when she fell through a rotten floorboard and sustained severe injuries to her leg. They decided that David should not be told. Case 16: limitations of competence. Start year: 199u Frequency: Sixteen no. Exudate supplement. The Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN) is a world-leading international peer reviewed journal. The circular stated that in certain circumstances a doctor could lawfully prescribe contraception for a girl under 16 without the consent of the parents. Impact Factor : 0.831. In addition to academic material on nursing and hospitals, the journal provided information on people and events as well as photographs and advertisements. She was on a high level of morphine but still suffered considerable pain. Case Scenario: Alice is now 12 years old and has been receiving dialysis for over 3 years. The problem is that we flush our tunnelled central venous catheters (TCVC) with heparin and the other centre uses sodium chloride 0.9%. The British Journal of Social Psychology invites papers for a special section on ‘Mobilizing race and racism: Racism as an explanation for actions, events, and outcomes’.. Previous articles have explored; courses, conferences, publication, problem solving, leadership, setting objectives and a number of other key areas relating to advancing practice. The Health Protection Agency has again issued a warning to teenagers about the risks of infection and transmission of bloodborne diseases from using home tattoo kits. The Bone & Joint Journal. Guidelines on making do not resuscitate (DNR) decisions have changed in recent years in keeping with changing attitudes and legislation. This may be in part because the topic has risen up the political agenda following studies that have highlighted the numbers of sufferers and the cost of treatment. Aims Scope The British Journal of Dermatology (BJD) strives to publish the highest quality dermatological research. 13: The notification of infectious diseases. Data provided are for informational purposes only. It is considered that attitudes have changed and there is a greater awareness of, and interest in, the topic among other healthcare professionals, not just nurses.

Honey Locust Uses, Maghi Da Tyohar In Punjabi, Short Essay On Dussehra In Punjabi, Jbl Eon 600 Review, Sewing Needle Sizes, Broccoli Seeds 1kg,