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I am writing this post as a follow up to the post I wrote last week entitled How to Explain “Job-Hopping” on Your Resume during an Engineering Job Interview. Exams are structured somewhat like the problems in school, with a few real world problems thrown in. 3. I cook better than our head-chef who has qualification. An undergraduate engineering institution exploring innovative approaches to engineering education since its founding in 1997. I could feel myself growing not only as a person, but I was also closing in on what I really wanted to do. I don't want to do that. You’ve learned how to think like an engineer, and how to solve problems like an engineer. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t limit my career choices. They moved into patent law, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and many other fields. But at the end of their study and when they apply for employment they are called and given a position as Engineer with good compensations and benefits. What do they know about standards if they didn’t passed the exams? They are also the ones who are first noticed by employers upon hiring, even when licenses are not necessarily required to be in the workforce. I’m not going to say that once all was said and done, a rainbow awaited me. I have only a year left. An engineering license is considered the highest standard of competence, which dignifies an engineering graduate who really is capable to practice his or her profession. Her boyfriend is an overworked and underpaid engineer. What would I have to learn to get my foot in the door? The list I had come up with a few months ago continued to grow and evolve. On the other hand, I had an internship as a Financial Analyst! At the end of the day, many of us describe ourselves as engineers. I’m not telling every engineer they should drop out of their degree program. Where was the kid who had learned the intricacies of the family PC before my parents had? Engineers who complain about crazy hours, and less than professional pay, should take heed of licensing and pursue getting the license. In my head I started making a list. Sound familiar? Having the experience with real world problem solving, how things are really calculated in industry, and how engineers really design things are learned after college. 15 Best Handheld UV Light Sterilizer That Can Kill Virus, Top 10 Best Construction Drones by Civil Engineers, Your email address will not be published. An engineering license allows one engineer to work having the credit of an engineer. It may take a while to get there, but that makes the final destination all the more worth it! I am also an Engineering graduate who is willing to work in my field as an environmental engineer…. Patricia took her MBA in London, UK. What happens if you answer one of them wrong? 1000 Olin Way Needham, MA 02492 781.292.2300 © 2020 Olin College of Engineering. We create REAL things - we don't just shuffle paperwork. The base math courses we were required to take were calculus 1 through 3 then differential equations on top of it. I am also second guessing university in its entirety. Even though many of them still said no, I wasn’t disheartened anymore because I could understand why I hadn’t made the cut. 1. Engineers who choose not to pursue a professional license, keep the profession lower paid, and give the impression that the difference is no big deal. Graduated 1 year ago, Didn't like Degree, Don't know what I actually want, Working HS level jobs, Embarrassed, Lost This is a long one, but I really need help. Toward the end of my time at Olin, I felt that determining my next step in life was a problem I was just beginning to understand. This path will require completion of an elementary or primary education degree program. What if you get the wrong master’s degree? I don't know if environmental is really as hot as everyone says. My 15 Pesos Budget Meal Made Me an Engineering Topnotcher, To the Young Badass Engineers Who Aren't Afraid to Live Outside their Comfort Zones. Nearly every engineering degree is challenging, and there are so many different types of engineering degrees that you can be nearly certain to find a field that leads to your career satisfaction. I enjoy my coworkers and recognize when my work grows our revenue. Thanks so much for that inspirational information. It covers processing and tracking orders, working with planning departments to check availability of products, forecasting to meet changes in the market, and dealing with contra… If my skills didn’t match, I knew what to start educating myself about next. ... Also, a music degree made me a better engineer as music develops the mind. I may not be a licensed engineer but I comply the safety & quality regulations as a human being. Think of this – are you going to trust your life to someone who is ACTING LIKE a doctor? It's a reasonable thing to wonder. Don’t let a friend talk you out of going after what you love to do. When I was a kid, I wonder if I want to be a doctor or to be an engineer. In not redistered but lots of reg. The bigger point here, is that college does not prepare the young engineer to work in the real world. Case in point, would a consumer of medical services choose to go to a doctor who was simply someone who graduated medical school, maybe even from a non-accredited school, or would you rather go to a licensed MD. Then, the opportunity to work for a Death Star might have a certain name-dropping appeal. You learn a ton of transferable skills that can be applied to many professions. Required fields are marked *, I accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy *. My husband and I run our firm out of our home office. You might be involved with building dams or irrigation structures, just like a civil engineer might (some agricultural engineers have a degree in environmental engineering). The degree you choose doesn’t have to lock you into a particular career. I have a minor interest in architecture but I don't want to go back and get another degree. After dropping out of high school, he received a GED and entered college in order to pursue his dream: a career in software engineering. If you’ve been feeling as frustrated as I was along your journey, think back to when you first came to Olin. In Canada, if you are a licensed engineer, you need to wear that Iron Ring as a symbol of accomplishment. I like urban planning, but like I said, I don't know if there's a future there anymore. I added ‘large established companies’ to my list of things I wasn’t looking for, and began to look more at start-ups. Programmers are a broad subgroup within Software Engineering – a discipline that includes both jobs that require a bachelor’s degree … I … Here’s the best advice if you plan on starting or growing a business, According to this Topnotcher: "While reviewing for the exam I spent most of the time playing computer games with my brother and going on dates with my girlfriend". For example, some aspects of computer engineering or software engineering deal more with logic. Here are some awesome gift ideas for your beloved engineer and some tips on how to give gifts to the unfortunate. Learn how your comment data is processed. You don’t necessarily have to hold a Bachelor of Science in engineering to be employed by an engineering company and take part in many of the career benefits engineers enjoy. Starting salaries for engineers are among the highest for any college degree. I had been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, which was completely ridiculous! I was already reaching out on a limb for many of these, so instead of being disappointed by the failures, I was excited and happy for the successes. licensing has been placed for a purpose and I don’t think it should be taken lightly. The answer might not be as clear as you think when you’re living in a dorm and playing beer pong. After graduation, instead of finding a full time position, I settled for internship as a Financial Analyst. A qualification does not prove better than those who has none. Thank you for your helpfull information. It may be that the law doesn’t allow non-licensed engineers to be called engineers in everything they do, but it doesn’t mean they are not also allowed to act like engineers. You don’t have to become a PM and work on technical products. If the way they described the job wasn’t for me, I felt more confident and less apologetic in telling them that that I didn’t see a match, either. Or can you drive internationally? Chances are, you have never really thought about what career … If you want more flexibility, you can consider an online engineering program like one offered by North Carolina State University. Either way, this is a kind of thinking lying at the back of our heads which breeds the discrimination. It was only for 3 months, but it gave me time to learn first-hand what I enjoyed and what I didn’t in this unfamiliar environment. The title professional engineer is not an honorary title, it seriously differentiates the licensed engineer from those without. Buy This – Air Purifier Necklace PM2.5 Negative Ions, Online Distance Learning is the Safest Solution During Covid-19, Buy Now – AA USB Rechargeable Batteries 1450mAh No Charger Needed, Buy Now – 4D Bass Double Speaker Wired Earphones with Mic, Buy Now – TP-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender Booster. Failing step one, focus on what you can do and where you might go from here. They can still become engineers of their own right. What are you buying this season? When I was a kid, I wonder if I want to be a doctor or to be an engineer. Congrats, you are now an engineer. Bachelor of Software Engineering : This is a 3 or 4 year undergraduate degree awarded in the field of software development or information technology. We are all engineers if we do engineering. Had I let down my family, my professors and advisors and most importantly…myself? In any case, take some time to think about what you want to study and what you truly enjoy. I know many people who don't even work in their preferred field of study. Unlicensed Engineers can still be called Engineer in their own right. We need to stop thinking lowly if we are one of those non-registered engineers. I am not registerd but i read books of structural codes… i din not faiked in board exam coz i never tried yet to take the exam…. Things I like and could see myself working in: Things I don’t like and can’t see myself working in. A very simple list of things I liked and things I didn’t like. Regardless of what it says on your degree - General, ECE, MechE, Bio/MatSci, it’s ok if you take a … For me, being a junior engineer was the most fun part of the career. After sleepless nights, reading all those engineering books, pinching your scientific calculators on radians the whole time… you passed the board exam. Whatever your exact role, the high demand for qualified engineers means you can expect a reasonable salary, with recent graduates earning up to US$61,457 annually in Saudi Arabia, for example. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Moreover, registered engineers get immediate respect from peers and an innate sense of achievement. But that shouldn’t be the case. in the U.S., non licensed are also called engineers but greater emphasis are given to a licensed which is often called a PE to differentiate. ... I’m concerned I only got into engineering in hopes of doing stuff like that, but I have only briefly done stuff with that in college and everything else I don’t enjoy very much and struggle with at times. I’m in my 20s, I’ve got a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in engineering from a prestigious school. But What If I Don’t Want to Be An Engineer? The P.E. Well, that’s exactly where I was in the spring of 2012. It’s ok if you don’t want to be an engineer. Now, every day I face interesting and challenging problems, and can see the impact I have on the company. But I just don’t want to do engineering anymore. You can earn an engineering degree in as little as two years or take as long as ten … I've realized engineering work in the technical sense is just not for me. We all experienced those moments when we were struggling to grasp the problems we were working on. Im also a non license Engineer for now. I have a BS and MS in engineering, plus many years of experience as a structural engineer. If they failed to a basic bunch of questions in engineering, they might also fail in giving safety & engineering standards. Now, don’t get be wrong, there’s a huge amount to be said for pursuing an education in engineering. This might be in construction, in which case a Civil Engineering degree and career may well be the best engineering degree for you. Just like a wedding ring that brags you are already married. There are many different things you could end up doing with this degree. I don't like it. In other country license don’t have any merit, They are result oriented, Give your best they pay you well. Then, they went to a software company. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Truthfully don’t bother with the engineering degree. What if you don’t have a driver’s license, are you capable of driving in the National roads & highways? If you love several topics, just pick one, you can mix them as you go and it can be an asset down the road. It is the title that represents an authority and responsibility. In fact, engineering degree programs are notoriously difficult, and many students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects take longer to graduate than their peers is less demanding degree programs. The title is not strictly exclusive to those who passed professional exams, but also to those who uphold the values and ideas of an engineer, which is to design and innovate. It is the stronghold of the law for engineers to take legal responsibility for any engineering work or projects, through the registered engineers’ signatures, seals and stamps. It was an easy decision for you to make since there is no maturity to it yet, not knowing the impact of that decision in your life. Let’s say you want to build your own engineering firm or simply want to use your engineering skills to create a business of your own. Indeed, it is same with Chef who studied culinary and Chef who studied on their own. You don’t have to write code if you don’t want to. He or she also has a valid engineering opinion that may even be better than those who have licenses. My journey may have taken a bit longer, but taking the scenic route was definitely worth it! Perhaps a child with passion and ideals in structural engineering can be called a real engineer, as opposed to a board passer electrical engineer who sells second hand cars with loud speakers. Here’s what I’m trying to say. There is a big difference between a “graduate engineer”, and a P.E., biggest difference is that school teaches you how to get through the system and obtain a degree. Our windows overlook beautiful woods. I graduated a year ago with a marketing degree with a good deal of communication coursework from a nearby private college. But then, we would feel sudden bursts of joy each time we figured out another piece of the puzzle. Logistics covers the physical movement of materials – the transfer of raw materials to manufacturing facilities or the distribution of products to customers – as well as all the planning and financial transactions involved in these operations. The young Mike Murphy who was going to change the world with his creations, where was he now? I have distinct memories of the day I got a call back from the most recent company I had applied to, telling me that I hadn’t made the cut, and I wasn’t even surprised anymore. However, what happens if you spend your four (+) years at Olin only to realize that you may just well… not want to be an engineer? They generally stayed in the area of their engineering degree until they got design experience and their PE. If they failed to a basic bunch of questions in engineering, they might also fail in giving safety & engineering standards. I really do want to be an engineer, but I don't see the point in having massive OSAP debt with very little guarantee whatsoever that I will be able to pay it off after 6 months. It’s ok if you don’t want to be an engineer. But there are far more substantive reasons that you should want to have and demonstrate clear goals in your application. In the field of engineering, there seems to be a perennial issue between engineers having licenses and those having none. Well…I started from scratch. Engineers i know asking me about tolerances what is the min and max req. Hi Cecilia. It’s more than just having an “engineer” tagged in a name. I was wrong. designation. After a few hours it ended up looking like this: Not what many would call an amazing list for a few hours of thinking, but I strongly believe it was the act of finally doing some serious reflection about this that freed me. Biochemical Engineering, University of Iowa From his first role in That ‘70s Show, to his more recent appearances on the big and small screens, Ashton Kutcher is known around the world as a famous Hollywood star, so you might be surprised to find him on a list of celebrities with degrees in engineering.. Thanks for your not-dumb question. Hey folks, I don’t want to be an engineer anymore, and I need help figuring out how to make a career change. Are You an Engineer or Just an Engineering Graduate? While many never did get back to me, I found this process far less depressing. But they may encounter limitations like when you will be involved on multi-million dollar project and you will be designated as one of the key person. So with that list in mind I came up with a second list. Needless to say, they were having trouble finding someone to fit all those requirements, but thankfully I seemed to be the jigsaw piece they were looking for. My classmates were all getting job offers at prestigious tech enterprises, accepting admission to grad schools across the world, or deciding to start their own engineering ventures, and I had no plan at all. If they are not satisgied they sent you home. There is so much power than a powerbank that is paired with an engineering license; however, there’s a huge “but” to all these merits: if one is not a licensed engineer, it doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t have the right to work as an engineer. If it's not something you want to do, it's unlikely that you will magically just start to put in the hard work and be successful in that area. In engineering, we are responsible for thousands & million lives. I chose engineering because I am afraid of the idea of being responsible for ones life. These are all important questions to be considering in your engineering career development, and to be honest, it’s quite scary to have to deal with them all at such a young age. Here’s what I’m trying to say. For many people, such as me, engineering can be a fulfilling and enjoyable major, allowing you to hone your skills and learn from experts in a variety of technological studies. What had happened to the younger me who would spend all day playing with Legos, discovering new ways to create? therefore, non-license engineers may also have better ideas than those with license. It’s never too late to switch gears, or work toward things you enjoy. Choosing to become an elementary teacher after majoring in engineering will require a significant amount of additional course work. Engineering Degrees in Canada. But finances got in the way and he was forced to leave school before finishing his degree. The difference in mindset was astounding! I enjoyed dealing with problems that spring up, but not dealing directly with clients or customers. Marcus Posey is a 23-year-old software engineer from Decatur, Alabama. The following are some of the degrees you can consider if you want to take a formal route to landing a career in Software Engineering. At the early stages of your life, you may have said, “When I grow up, I want to become an engineer,” for a reason that probably you have just heard from your parents: engineers make good money. In Canada, an engineering degree is achieved by attaining scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge through an accredited four year program of study. If you want to become an engineer, you must earn a bachelor's degree from an engineering program, majoring in the branch in which you want to work. Don’t squander your short four years of college staring at some code that won’t compile. An engineering program of study is accredited by the local authority in the province or territory the program is located in. I don't like law and real estate. I’m going to keep the identifying information to a minimum because I’ve got a lot of friends who browse this site. While we don’t all become engineers, we do take from Olin certain traits. What if you go into a discipline and don’t like it? I chose engineering because I am afraid of the idea of being responsible for ones life. She's a model, actress, blogger and a copywriter. You don’t have to write code if you don’t want to. And so I began. On the other hand, most students don't really know why they want to be an engineer, let alone what type of engineer. I'm in engineering too and would rather be an English major, but I want … During my next few jobs, I continued to hone my list of likes and dislikes. Your email address will not be published. But if you can't handle and really don't want to get this engineering degree, you don't want to throw good money after bad by continuing with it. From solving complex problems, to working with other students, to using high tech equipment from the start of freshman year to pulling it all together for senior year projects, my time at Olin was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. How about those Engineering Degrees that doesn’t have a Licensure exams? Progress! So take those skills and go do something that makes you happy. You don’t have to become a PM and work on technical products. In my PM interviews, I would flounder when describing my skills, and would inevitably receive a nicely worded ‘No Thank You’ email. As engineers, we like to have our problems completely figured out, but that can’t always be the case. I had no idea where he’d gone – and it didn’t feel good. I have a degree in electrical engineering. You may also encounter limitation when dealing with Government project and you are one of the key decision makers. Becoming an engineer at Olin is an amazing experience. Could I see myself doing that? In fact, he studied biochemical engineering at the … We need to stop thinking highly if we are one of those registered engineers. Honestly, I'd rather be working a retail job than having an engineering role. ever since. I started looking for specifics - what did each job entail? One that came about with the help of Google, that defined all the jobs I could find relating to “Math” and “Video Games,” while removing all those that contained the 3 things I disliked. The aim is to move things around at the lowest possible cost. Ashton Kutcher. It’s extraordinarily difficult to write such a statement when you don’t have a purpose beyond obtaining a graduate degree! I felt I had been presented with a fire hydrant of knowledge of all these new jobs and markets, and bit by bit, I was learning more about myself. A college degree is a must if you want to become an engineer. While general education credits are likely to count toward the second degree, engineers-turned-future-educators will also need to complete courses in methods of teaching, child development, literacy and learning, knowledge acquisition, diversification of learnin… For a person who is not a technical expert to choose to hire “an engineer”, this is the only legally acceptable method to differentiate between someone who attended some school, verses someone who has the training and experience to do the job. What’s the purpose of having an engineering license anyway? When it comes to deciding where to study, you may select either an accredited or an unaccredited program, but it is usually in your best interests to opt for an accredited one. I really liked the analysis part, reminding me of my time in ModSim, but I found the company a bit old-school and established, and had an air of “it’s always been done this way.” As an Oliner, I wasn’t too excited about that mindset. I could tell I was already doing better in my interviews - simply because I was now genuinely interested in knowing everything about each job, rather than just repeating the questions I knew I should be asking. By the same token, would a person who needed legal representation or legal documents trust just anyone who called himself a lawyer, or would it be better that this person be licensed. Don't get me wrong, I like learning how some things work, how to build some things, but I'm just not interested in actually being apart of that and doing the design for it. I graduated college in 1982, was licensed in 1987, and have been a P.E. Regulations about licensing in engineering vary from different countries but a license has one humanitarian purpose: it is to encourage safety and well-being of the general public by being accountable as an engineer. At the end of this exercise, I had a much broader list of jobs which I didn’t necessarily have all the skills for, but that I was much more excited to pursue. Period. Did I come to the wrong school? There are also some fields that are not as intensive as others. Degree must be from ABET-accredited program to earn a professional engineer (PE) license. Too scared to take the leap? When I first interviewed for this job, they informed me that they were looking for someone with an analytical background, passionate about gaming, strong math and statistical skills, the ability to understand and work closely with everyone from the most technical engineer to the least technical salesman, and a strong desire to learn every day. Over and over at Olin we learned that when you’re stumped, do some research. Our commute is a walk across the house. Master’s degree is required for some positions. I am a mechanical engineer by education and license, and I encourage all unlicensed engineers, to consider professional licensure, it is really the only way to differentiate the real engineers, from those with some sort fo engineering education. In retrospect, I’m sure this came through in my interviews with the companies that visited Olin. Today I work as a Lead Analyst for CrossInstall, a mobile gaming advertising start-up based in San Francisco. Graduates entering the engineering profession often don’t realise the full range of specializations available in the sector. Regardless of what it says on your degree - General, ECE, MechE, Bio/MatSci, it’s ok if you take a different path. While my degree would read “BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering,” I knew in the deepest recesses of my heart that I didn’t want to do engineering. It took me 4 years and 6 positions before I realized that with this process, I was doing what Olin had taught me. And remain stuck there. It has created some unnecessary barriers at work because of the pride that licensed engineers hold. I am also happy to hear that inspirational message… Thank you. This article may be feel good but I can assure you, in college you’re going to take a lot harder math than algebra. first of all, it depends which country you are, if you are in Canada, you are not even allowed to call yourself an engineer if you are not licensed. Engineers Turn Toxic Waste To Edible Food, Engineering Gift Ideas to Give to Friends This Christmas, To The Young Engineers Who Want to Be Entrepreneurs, Engineering Topnotcher Spent Most of His Time Dating His GF and Playing PC GamesÂ, One Thing That Successful Engineers Do: They Go Out of Their Comfort Zones, Engineering Topnotcher Survived on a 15 Pesos Allowance Meal, Only the Young Badass Engineers Will Understand. The most basic reason is that most engineering programs require a statement of purpose. Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, civil engineering technology, or similar specialty. All right. I found companies relating to each job and sent them my resume, as mismatched as it may have felt. Instead I lay down on my bed and just thought. Alumni Speak; Making a Difference; A Broader World View, Alumni Speak; Making a Difference; A Broader World View; Scholarships and Fellowships, Alumni Speak; Olin Employers; Entrepreneurship, Alumni Speak; Olin Employers; Entreprenuership, Making a Difference; A Broader World View, Olin College Graduation; Seniors; fauxmencement. Most engineers I knew got tired of the job and transitioned to a different career. The education at the end of a four year degree is less than half what a competent engineer needs, the rest is learned on the job, hence the P.E. Yes, there are several components of engineering that do not require lots of math and science. My recommendation for anyone who is dealing with … I found out I liked small companies, but disliked a lack of direction. How can I deliver such cheesy platitudes with confidence? Much more fun, much more pay, much more responsibility. For example, you might design a desalination plant for crop irrigation that also protects marine life. There really is a big difference. Thank you for that information and it inspires me as non licensed engineer, Thank you mate. If I want to go for a run at 11 am, I don't have to ask permission. All this had me wondering - what had I been doing for the last 4 years? If you don’t want to relocate or commute long distances, then you college choices may be limited, especially if you want to obtain your degree in person. Here are 13 jobs in engineering that don’t require a degree: Programmers. If you don't like engineering just be really good at it for 5-10 years more and you can be a manager which is a completely different job. Engineering Is One of the Top Paid Professions . Stay right where you are. I could code, but didn’t really enjoy it, so those jobs were out. They can be allowed to ACT LIKE engineers but not to PRACTICE engineering. A typical starting salary for a chemical engineer fresh out of school with a bachelor's degree was $57,000 as of 2015, according to Forbes.An engineer can double his or her salary with experience and additional training. Without a degree or experience on his resume, Marcus applied to … Did I have all the skills required? (If you don’t get that reference, you’re probably not cut out for an engineering career.) The most important thing I want to share is you don’t have to be an engineer forever.

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